5 Tips to Promote Your Startup Website

11 Jul

5 Tips to Promote Your Startup Website

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Nothing is difficult than marketing a new company successfully. Every Business owner wants their product and services to be listed on the first page of the search results. And to do so a powerful marketing strategy is needed.

As the products or services of startup businesses are new and unproven. Spending time and money on new ideas can be risky. Their assumption about the target demography may prove to be wrong in the end due to lack of data on buyer personas. So, startup website had to do marketing mostly on guesswork. Their only hope for attracting the customers rest on the detailed analysis of products.

Due to the new business idea and limited investment prospects, startups must have to be extra careful in creating an effective marketing campaign. However, most of the traditional ways cost money and not everyone can afford a TV ADs when they are just a starting up a business. Don’t worry as it still possible to successfully promote your business without spending lots of money.

Before promoting a business, you must have a marketing plan. However, for any marketing plan to work successfully, you need to pay heed for the basics. Make sure that you have researched and analyzed your target audience. Your purpose of marketing must be crystal-clear to your marketing team. Keeping your ideal customer in the mind, you must find out the effective ways to reach out to the audience.

Here are some tips for startup website to follow for business promotion

  1. Create your Brand Identity

Brand or business identity encapsulates what your business stands for. It’s the purpose, the mission, the look, the tone and the voice of your company. It’s the determinants of how the audience will perceive you. So, each, element such as logo, business card, websites, stationery must be designed by keeping the customer’s profile in mind. The website must be user-friendly and rich content such that the customer gets the clear idea about the product and services. The bottom line is the logo, business card, and website must leave an impact on the customer.

  1. Video Marketing

All of us are familiar with the power of visuals and how much it is effective when it comes to convincing and engaging an audience. Amongst a variety of visuals, videos are the most effective for driving viewers to a business. Startups can explore videos for making a quick harmony with potential customers. Since videos are being expensive, it would be entirely affordable for startups. So, create your video channels for business promotion.

  1. Focus on Your Target Customers

Don’t waste time and energy on the entire gamut of the target audience in your startup’s marketing campaign. Studies confirm that more than 80% of company’s revenue comes from just 20% of its customers. This implies that you should not avoid attracting the masses. Your efforts instead should focus more on the loyal customers who will return to buy your product and services again. For example, send emails of thanks to customers who have already bought from you and encourage them with some incentives. Try to turn them into your brand ambassadors.

  1. Be present on Social Media and maintain the Online Reputation

You might be able to maintain an identity on all of the social media outlets, or you might not. But wherever you choose to establish the presence be there. According to a webcam eyetracking study by Mashable, Facebook users spent the most time looking the brand’s wall versus any other element on the page. So, considering the study it is proved that being active on your social media account allows you to get involved with the customers and also help out to maintain the online reputation. Being engaged also allows you to stay on top buzz about your product, encouraging the good reviews and dealing with the negative feedback.

  1. Create Effective Content Marketing Plan

Content is king, but only when its marketing has a purpose and design. Blindly posting your content on any online platform will not yield desired results. Start writing a blog about your business, products, the launch of new products etc. and ask the feedback from your potential customer. This will help you out in improving the product or services and also to stay connected with your customer.

For better results, startups should explore local networking events. A presence on the local platform will help in landing your first bunch of customers. You can then use local networks as a stepping-stone for reaching out to more customers.

To conclude, these new marketing ways are the ones startups are likely to go for in 2017 for yielding a fair amount of traffic to their new business. While following these tips, make sure that you explore each of them with some expertise involved in order to make an early positive impact on target customers.

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