8 Most Common SEO Mistakes on Websites

8 Most Common SEO Mistakes on E-commerce Websites 

SEO Mistakes for E-Commerce Sites
SEO Mistakes

40% of the world’s population buy online and search for products on the Internet. E-merchants must improve their SEO performance. But they often make the same mistakes.

1. Do not target their search for keywords

E-commerce sites focus too much on finding keywords related to their products rather than the needs and interests of their audience.

2. Channel their content

E-merchants tend to over-optimize their meta tags, their product descriptions or their contents with the same keywords. Google penalizes them and decreases their user experience and therefore their conversion rate.

3. Duplicate everything

E-commerce sites often duplicate their product descriptions and find themselves penalized by Google who cannot index the correct version in the SERPs.

4. Forget about product reviews

E-commerce sites often forget that users need to be convinced before buying. In fact, 61% of consumers refer to opinions

5. Do not optimize URLs

E-commerce sites often generate non-descriptive URLs that do not help users or search engines understand the content of a page.

6. Decrease loading speed

The top 2000 retail sites have an average loading time of 10 seconds because of content that is too heavy. This causes high bounce rates, a loss of traffic and conversions.

7. Neglecting the internal links

E-commerce sites forget that internal linking can help improve a site’s position and quality in the eyes of Google.

8. Forgetting security encryption

Many e-commerce sites do not have a security system that penalizes their user experience and SEO.